(250) 384-7171
821 Vernon Avenue, Victoria BC
(250) 384-7171
Open: Open 9:30am - Closes Mon Tue Wed 7pm, Thu Fri 8pm, Sat 6pm, Sun 5pm.

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My all time favorite nail salon. The staff are super friendly and very clean. Never had a problem there. Prices are reasonable and lots of nail polish colors. I have tried other places and wasn't too happy with the service. I highly recommend them! - Jane Stanley-taylor

Best service best products my new nail place by far!! - Tiffany Wilson

Testimonials 1
Alicia portman, ny

Wouldn't go elsewhere if you paid me, been going here for over 5 years and love them all! - Janette Roch

Testimonials 2
Nancy Clark, ny

I have been going to Nail All Season for 5 years & have always had excellent service from John, Anne & staff. Be sure to ask for their business card to have it punched each time you have a mani or pedi - to earn free ones. - Margaret Goodwin

Testimonials 3
Pamela Adams, ny
(250) 384-7171
821 Vernon Avenue, Victoria BC